poetry by j matthew waters

as often as humanly possible

you don’t know my world
maybe have an idea of my world
yet they are far from similar
far like how very small is to
extra extra large

you seriously question when I tell you
(with a wink of an eye)
all my worlds are one in the same

yes it’s true I have two eyes
but rarely use them for seeing things
that is left mostly to my
that thing we both possess
but rarely use

both of us can move mountains
but rarely will we go
to such extremes
instead I prefer to put
bread in pockets
and you silver & gold coins

we are neither paranormal
nor magical or mystical
neither god nor godlike
we walk the earth
(and sometimes levitate)
talking a good game
and changing who we are
as often as humanly possible

july two thousand twenty-one
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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4 thoughts on “as often as humanly possible

  1. Love this and how you say we undergo metamorphosis as often as possible. Experiences, interactions, dreams, media, and books help form our thoughts, ideas, imagination, and what we believe. I also adored these lines:

    “you don’t know my world
    maybe have an idea of my world
    yet they are far from similar”

    It’s like when people assume that they REALLY know you when they don’t, it’s laughable. They don’t know you at all, just as they will never know your world. Sure, they can have an inkling or a guess but they will never truly understand what goes on in someone else’s mind entirely. So beautifully said, I’m amazed! ❤

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