poetry by j matthew waters

last of the morning sun

she furrowed her brow
the girl with the brown hair
she pouted & she smiled
brushed back her brown hair
using either hand
& slowly walked away

what does she see
when she walks away
suddenly it’s present tense
& I sense tears
welling in her eyes

she is sad she is sad
there’s no question with this fact
she is sad
she is sad
the cause of her disconnect
unknown to any of us

she sees nothing
when she walks away
neither past nor future
the present tense
is all there is
& by the look in her eye
nothing seems promising

why did she furrow her brow
or pout or smile
& why did she suddenly
walk away
when everything
appeared to be so promising

july two thousand twenty-one
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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4 thoughts on “last of the morning sun

  1. I connected this poem with the covid situation and the young girl representing all of us. We smile and pout (looking at the dwindling positive cases), then we cry and walk away as lockdown is again imposed.

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