poetry by j matthew waters

evolution one oh one

what’s happening today is peanuts
climate change
the steal & corrupt machines
pandemics & pointing fingers
insert your own examples here

most everyone believes
they live in interesting times
that is until they’re dead
opening up to the idea that what’s
going on here is supposed to be
working toward the common good

evolution will surely take the
human race to interplanetary travel
becoming more godlike
with each passing generation
unless of course
they kill each other first

january two thousand twenty-two
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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7 thoughts on “evolution one oh one

  1. Hoping we might develop enough to avoid the last line, yes – towards the common good.

  2. Transhumanism and the “normality” of transhumanism is here. Count me out.

  3. Haha “unless of course/they kill each other first” – I enjoyed that!

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