poetry by j matthew waters

repeating history

the problem with the world today
we’re living in the past
like a smoker who can’t kick the habit
we’re unable to quit killing
whether sanctioned by allegedly legitimate
power brokers
or straight up civilian violence

when I was a kid we played
cowboys & indians
cops & robbers
doctor & nurse
role playing because we were left
to our devices
and our parents bought us weaponry
and any kind of idol we would ask for

on sundays we were reminded how evil
we truly were
and twice or maybe three times a year
we were forgiven all our sins

come monday however
we were right back at it
perpetuating the only thing that made sense

july two thousand twenty-two
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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2 thoughts on “repeating history

  1. It was difficult to navigate the hypocrisies back then- blatantly awful now.

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