poetry by j matthew waters


it’s what we can’t see that scares us the most
three purple aliens hovering at the door
the little one rings the bell

not everyone likes Peyton Manning
would more than likely hit the mute button
or not hand out candy on a cold & rainy night

the baseball game is postponed
for obvious reasons
a higher power undoubtedly in on the action

[it being] the car crash that killed the driver
in the early morning hours
not to mention a few dead fawns
and a number of squirrels

chili is warming on the stovetop
there’s something mysterious in the wi-fi
—the doorbell rings again

october two thousand twenty-two
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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2 thoughts on “fragmentation

  1. medisonhutchinson on said:

    there’s something mysterious in the wifi💫…again I say your gift is amazing ✨️

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