poetry by j matthew waters

if I could wish it all away

there’s no sense in testing the water
it’s the same as it’s ever been

every wednesday morning at nine
the city tests the loudspeaker system

one day it’ll prove itself to be futile
or utile —it’s funny how only time will tell

lenny kravitz sings about getting away
I tap my foot & chime in right out loud

replacing his simple words with mine
as if I’m some sort of ad lib junkie

knowing I’ve not a say in the matter
nor interested in wishing it all away

november two thousand twenty-two
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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One thought on “if I could wish it all away

  1. medisonhutchinson on said:

    I want to get away
    I want to fly away
    Yeah Yeah Yeah💙🦋💫

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