poetry by j matthew waters

dying in the dead of winter

one by one they die off
and every spring
they come back to life

they die off in threes
like a nursery rhyme

all of them on the same day
other times over three days
four or five days
maybe as many as seven

we bury them
& then we move on
counting the days
the weeks
the months
the years

did you see where
she died on the third day
I was asked

yes I answered
& I am certain she will return
soon after the winter solstice
or the one after that

silence ensued
along with a smile
& a nod

january two thousand twenty-three
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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4 thoughts on “dying in the dead of winter

  1. Happy New Year, my friend!!!Great poem as always!

  2. I love how you included your recording, humanizes the words to life. ❤️

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