poetry by j matthew waters

no time for grieving

my mother called today
and I answered with
a brave voice

she prefaced her intention
with a word of caution
and I assured her
now was as good a time
as any

in the end
it was a nonevent
[seriously mother I can
buy my own drugs]
and by the time
we had mutually hung up on
one another
I assumed my father
was still alive

february two thousand twenty-three
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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10 thoughts on “no time for grieving

  1. I answered with
    a brave voice
    Lately, every communication (phone call, voice mail, email, regular hard copy US mail) is met with trepidation and fear always expecting the worst. I wish I didn’t have to muster up courage for every one always fearful of misfortune.

  2. Those last lines…changes the whole scenario.

  3. Read this 3 times, with three different interpretations. This write lingers with wonder. Very thought provoking, sad and interesting. My brain goes straight to case study.

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