poetry by j matthew waters

coloring at the dining room table

what shade of red shall we paint the town
barn or cherry or crimson or rally
it matters not
not as long as we’re out of the house

do you remember how we’d paint the sky
the rainbow’s spectrum our palette
— robin egg blue my favorite
purple haze yours

the canary the daffodil the sun itself
none of them cowardly
fresh & bright as a cloudless day
brave & daring like dapper dan

without the moon the night is pitch black
an off-white candle or flashlight
simple replacements
once the power inevitably goes out

march two thousand twenty-three
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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2 thoughts on “coloring at the dining room table

  1. joanna Guiyop Pile on said:

    Those lively colourful words brightens! 🌹

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