poetry by j matthew waters

road tripping in the republic

the preparations are endless at some point
you say to yourself what the hell am I doing

but you go on anyway
first the passport and then the online shopping

to places like amazon to find that knockoff wallet
the one you carry around your neck

keeping your valuables out of sight
credit cards & euros & photos of your people

back home you’re afraid someone has stolen
the only identities you’ve ever known

meanwhile you are transported across the island
the one your ancestors came from

before arriving you used duolingo to learn the language
but then decided fuck it most of them know english

I bought a new iphone to take better pictures
in case I come across the whole lot of them

the mooneys and the connellys
tipping ales with the doyles in a tipperary tavern

may two thousand twenty-three
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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