poetry by j matthew waters


people used to live in Mechanicsville
but few would work there

how many people do you suppose
lived inside the city limits
shall I give you a hint
a clue
a factoid

what if I told you how many beds
were in Mechanicsville
would you believe me
would you even care

from Mechanicsville
there is a road that leads to the Interstate
mostly laid due south
with a zig & a zag in between
and one big-ass bend

what if I told you nobody lived there
that it was just an idea
mechanics bank & trust
mechanics public library
mechanics auto body

I bet you could get any kind of engine
fixed there
in Mechanicsville
get your air conditioner reconditioned
your lawn mower tuned up
maybe even your teeth cleaned

and what of the new water tower
how long will the old one keep standing
is it still in working order
or simply going to rust

is there still a mayor
an elementary school principal
volunteer firefighters
—are they still such a thing
now that both bridges
are impassable
and most
main street buildings
ushering in the morning light

may two thousand twenty-three
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserve

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3 thoughts on “Mechanicsville

  1. Export jobs and such is the result all over America.

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