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closer to home

when the terrorists moved in down the
street the other week
I worried nonstop for the safety of my children
and my two thousand twelve chevrolet

since moving in they’d been stockpiling
weapons in the two-car garage

when I called the police
they said there was nothing they could do

they’re living here legally
they said
and they’ve purchased the necessary
ammunition stamps

pausing with phone in hand
I stood looking out the bay window
watched the registered sex offender
(across the street and two doors down)
jump in his sports car and race away

my hands by my side I could barely hear the
officer on the other end repeatedly asking
hello hello hello

august two thousand fourteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

Murder in Falaise, 1386

The sow was insane
doing what she did
to the little girl
while six piglets
stood by her side.

Given a public defender
the pig was dressed
in man’s clothes
and escorted
to the courthouse.

Witness after witness
described the horror
in which the animal
tore into the child
for no good reason.

In her defense
the accused cried
on the witness stand
as her six piglets
suckled away.

Quick justice found
the defendant guilty
sentenced to hang
in the city square
on the taxpayer’s dime.


may two thousand twelve
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

Based on a true story.
For more information google “1386 pig hanging”

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