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age of aquarius

wherever I go I’m bound by water
whether rivers or lakes
streams or ponds
always near as I move
from place to place
following me like the pale moon

it’s as if I was born to dream
of rod and reel
license and stamp
walking along little mill
tackle box in hand
searching for that perfect pool
where freshwater trout
gather to stay cool

I’m told the age of aquarius
is subject to interpretation
though for some reason I believe
I’m alive in its midst
the month of march always
bringing me luck
while the constellation pisces
remains slightly out of reach

august two thousand nineteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

lunar new year

new moon rises over aquarius
directing my attention to the 4th house
an empty nest simmering with thoughts
stirring and swirling with a little
help from mars and uranus
stoking the fire so to speak
pushing and pulling unnecessary things
encouraging inner conflict
that doesn’t deserve to be unleashed

this new moon in aquarius
seems to know everything
testing one’s resolve by delivering
glad tidings and dire straits
directly to my front door

determined not to give in
I breathe deeply in the silence of the mind
choosing instead to scatter
seeds in all directions
knowing full well
inner workings are best gathered
when the moon is full

february two thousand sixteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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