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No sleep till Brooklyn

Greyhound bus stopping
every chance she gets
seems like it took forever
to get the fuck out of Iowa

Left my lucky hat
in the booth at Denny’s
kicking myself in the ass
ever since

By the time we made it
to South Bend
a circle of us stretched our legs
outside the depot
passing around a couple blunts
pointing & laughing at the cop shop
right across the street

Later I came to find out
bounty hunters were onto me
but by that time
I had already confessed my sins
making further route changes

There were some problems
between Sandusky & Cleveland
thank god the driver was fully armed
having had to kick out this ne’er-do-well
for practicing taekwondo
and other obscenities
up and down the stained-glass aisle

Closing in on the Pennsylvania border
my head was spinning from
caffeine & nicotine & anything else imaginable
head propped up by unnatural means
nearly everyone on the bus chanting
“New York New York here we come”

may two thousand twenty
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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