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the blue in her eyes

the little girl sat on a park bench on
a late sunday morning in her
white freshly pressed dress
and white lacy gloves
holding a petite black purse
and wearing black catlike glasses

a slight breeze
brushed back her wavy blond hair

a young man kneeled before her
pointing a camera her way
snapping photograph
after photograph
telling her to look this way and that
using words like angel
and baby
and darling
as if she was a magazine model

now smile he told her
but she would not smile

please smile darling
show me your lovely smile

but she refused to smile
without offering an explanation
clenching the clasp of her petite black purse

becoming frustrated the young man
stood tall and begged her to tell him
why she would not smile

moments of silence ensued
except for the wind traveling between them
brushing forward her hair
and shrouding the blue in her eyes

january two thousand fourteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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