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stealing diamonds from the virtual sky

information flows freely
between these so-called
chinese firewalls
where there isn’t much anyone
can actually do about it

they put up some drapes
heavy as sleeping bags
across the front bay window
making it impossible for the sun
to shine through
though somehow moonlight
sometimes leaked in

in the first lower level
there was a darkroom where on
weekends amateur photographers
gathered to develop
black and white mineral mines
pushing them out undetected
into the secondary marketplace

in the second lower level
there was the infamous wine cellar
where on any given sunday
you could enjoy the rarest of merlot
picking out the oldest of stones
at your leisure

the local police carried no search
warrant as they came
crashing in on horseback
shooting first and asking
questions next
long after the webmaster
and his virtual entourage
slipped past the gate

january two thousand sixteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

Underground Games

I stayed under the radar so many years
battling wired demons in cyber alleyways
using keystroke shortcuts and ingenuity
to seek and destroy with a sword I call Sam.

Scaling the mountainous leaderboards
didn’t happen overnight but after a while
double agents offered me synthetic cocktails
and promises of money, women and fame.

When uncovering an unlocked window
to the castle of a fabled power broker
my newfound friends soon followed me
into the compromised vault of treasure.

Once inside my instincts sensed betrayal
and I transformed my key into Sam
the two of us eliminating the inferior threats
escaping with intentions of retiring this time.

july two thousand twelve
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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