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The Art of War

Once the weather radio started freaking out
all things went to hell in a handbasket

There’s one thing I know about the climate
it’s always in a constant state of flux

After the storms passed we counted
the damages on ledger paper
one for physical
two for mental
and three for extraterrestrial

The mess is becoming a bigger mess
mother nature at war with herself
randomly precise & indiscriminate
hitting targets from any & all directions
whether in the air
or on land
or at sea

may two thousand twenty-two
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved


for centuries the survivors
of the forgotten world
journeyed to the ancient city
to marvel at the concrete
and glass that once gave rise
to an infallible dream

unable to imagine
such destructive forces
the children picked wildflowers
growing from the ash
waving them in the air
pretending to surrender

january two thousand thirteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved


after the lights went out
and the snow plows were grounded
the people took their arms
and left for the country
to find fuel for the fire

a decade later and a
generation forsaken
all the little girls turned into mothers
sooner than anyone
could ever have imagined

december two thousand twelve
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

the machine

he consumed destruction
like it was sweet nectar
went on fifty year binges waging war
like there was no tomorrow
getting high on chaos
before receding into isolation
recuperating and retooling
just to do it all over again

if only his creator had programmed
his instincts differently
reigning in his selfish ways
of wasting resources
and repeatedly recessing
he could have produced
timeless masterpieces
that inspired a lasting peace

click here for youtube video

september two thousand twelve
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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