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while looking for cheaters

I stood in the kitchen dumbfounded
body leaning toward the counter
my arms stretched out
my hands gripping the edge
preventing me from falling straight down

once again short-term memory gaps
have poked holes into my productivity
the interruption of progressive thoughts
leading me down avenues of days long gone
like when I wore batman capes
and had real conversations with the mailman

I remember once when I was five
on an early sunday morning
all alone in the great room watching cartoons
my body laid out with elbows on the carpet
and chin resting inside my hands
when all of a sudden a dull clash
resonated from the kitchen and slowly
bounced it’s way into the great room

I dared not move one iota

as I stared into the kitchen
tall shadows moved about the inner walls
no doubt cast by the breeze nudging the evergreens
but I was petrified nonetheless
and hid like a stone waiting to be found

march two thousand thirteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

million dollar app

i’ve been working on this app idea
the kind you buy at the app store
and somehow magically appears
on your smartphone
which really isn’t just a phone
but a device
that attaches itself to your body
all day and all night
regulating your bodily functions
telling you when your glucose is low
and your blood pressure high
monitoring your communication activity
both on and offline
and offering to be your second best friend
even though your dog
already knows better

january two thousand thirteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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