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Princess of the skies
disobeys her father’s wishes
dancing in her emerald dress
past dawn and into dusk
perplexing an uneasy moon
with her reckless abandon
and attracting the brightest stars
who worship her every move

An impatient King issues
ultimatum to carefree daughter
who quickly rejects the rainbow prince
in favor of the northern lights
cast away on earth’s outer edges
she forever dances the night away
entrancing trillions of stars with her
grace and psychedelic beauty

february two thousand fourteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

This poem is based on “Fable of the North Pole”
and was written for dVerse~ Poets Pub
“Let’s be fabulists” Posted by Björn Rudberg in Poetics

The moral of the fable is every choice has its tradeoff,
but it’s easy to choose if your priorities in life are clear.

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