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wherever I may roam

in my place it’s so quiet
I can hear them performing upstairs
to an empty venue
reciting words or strumming chords
leg wrestling or listening to music
or simply adjusting
sitz bones on wooden chairs

outside their windows
a modest breeze animates life
young leaves sway slowly
keeping time with wooden
and ceramic and metallic chimes
while arms reach out and stretch
to catch a moment in time

one by one they escape
down the patchwork trellis
their voices hushed and excited
pitching a new game where
they scatter off forever and a day
only to reconnect back upstairs
whenever least expected

february two thousand fifteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

nothing is for sale here

the wagon lie dormant in the garage
tucked away in the corner
behind the lawnmower and snowblower
filled with tonka construction trucks
yellow and rusty and somewhat dirty

spiders long ago moved in
weaving complexities along the
wagon’s plastic wheels and metal shaft
scurrying along the dusty
sides of the once shiny red body

taking inventory I keep them in mind
knowing one day the children
will visit with their own
and together we will discover
old things becoming new again

september two thousand thirteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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