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radio edit

I was in the garage fixing the radio
when charlie came in
cigarette and beer in hand
wearing wrangler blue jeans
and a sleeveless tee

what in the hell are you doing neighbor
he asked

I told him I was fixing the radio
(the one with the reddish-orange digital display
that usually hangs underneath the kitchen cabinet
the kind you have to use a pen or pencil
to advance the time of day)

he took a peek at me soldering the
red wire to the circuit board
was careful to blow his smoke
out toward the street

as I screwed the cover back on
he asked what in the hell I needed a
radio for this day and age
you know with the internet and pandora
or some such shit

to listen to the dead but of course
is how I answered
and I picked up my radio and excused myself

august two thousand thirteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

relative occurrence

one hundred twenty times
a minute the baby’s heart
masters frequency

perfectly in sync with nature
and forever dependent
upon the course of time

please stay with me awhile
and watch me learn to love
the power of frequency

december two thousand twelve
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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