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the tavern at the top of the hill

I’ve lost interest in certain things
idle threats & sharp objects
exaggerated intimidation
designed by flawed intentions

underneath where I’m buried
there are no bones to dig up
no cellphones to unlock
no transcriptions to interpret

I’ve seem to have lost sight
of what’s not important
like replacing dead flowers
with yellow roses

the tavern at the top of the hill
has reopened unannounced
the one with no windows
& walled in futuristic graffiti

november two thousand twenty-one
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

starving graffiti artist

downtown railroad cars
sit still in line like cows
waiting to get branded

cigarettes cost too much
but not a quart of malt liquor
or can of yellow spray paint

getting good day’s sleep
is critical for optimal performance
when working graveyard shifts

nomad apostles carry flashlights
and lighters and waxing moons
calling out on occasion to look out

not opposed to taking new requests
or collaborating on a tanker
there’s a preference for going solo
especially on kansas city southern

september two thousand sixteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved


There’s a wall without slashes of social unrest,
without lines of prejudice, modesty or complaints
not even a good thought
clean and quick to the point
might make others laugh, angry or uneasy.

It makes me uneasy to see such a wall
anywhere within a public stall
upon a school desk or through walk tunnels.
To see such a wall of inhibition
of emptiness
of conservative thinking
like not sharing thoughts, ideas or secrets
makes me wonder
when the liberators will return
to save the free walls in this free land
from backwardness
from idleness
of single bawdy colors covering progress.

nineteen eighty-four
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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