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Partly to mostly cloudy

The groundhog checked into the bed
and breakfast on January 31st

The year was twenty twenty
and the owner thought he looked
familiar but couldn’t quite
put her finger on it

Perhaps you’ve seen me
on the big screen
the groundhog conjectured
tipping his cap as he ambled up the stairway
suitcase in tow and lilliputian tail waving

Oh one more thing
the lady of the house called out
how long will you be staying
with us Mister Murphy
you know you’re welcome here
as long as you please
she said smiling
her hands clasped together

That is so kind of you Madame
I suppose it all depends
upon this Pennsylvania weather
but to be sure
it could be as long as six weeks

january two thousand twenty
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

I’ve never been to Pennsylvania

Groundhog lives in public library
or so I’ve been told from some
somewhat reliable source

He’s got a girlfriend or wife or whatever
a furry green-eyed special kind of lady
who loves to keep him company

It’s a most transparent kind of life
but at least it’s quiet in the library
and I suppose there is much snoozing

How he lives a fairy tale kind of life
one where townsfolk and wayward travelers
pay heed to his annual prognostications

And everyone knows his name
so there’s no point in repeating it now
this sunny second day of February

february two thousand eighteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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