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It’s all about the money

smile and play the tambourine little girl
the man said
and the little girl shook the tambourine

every fourth beat she struck it
against her palm

the streets were filled with foreigners
and many businessmen attracted
to the darkened rooms
barely lit by neon lights

outside the little girl shakes the tambourine
her soul sisters inside
in the darkened rooms
filled with neon lights

the man outside standing next
to the tambourine girl
animates his voice and gestures
joyously greeting and
beckoning passersby to come inside
to rest their weary minds

meanwhile the girls inside
shake shake shake
their tarnished tambourines

This poem is in response to a blog post by Lara Trace entitled BILLIONS TRAFFICKING AND ENSLAVING “DISPOSABLE PEOPLE”

“It’s all about the money. Human trafficking is insanely profitable. If you really think about it: You can sell a kilo of Heroin once; You can sell a 13-year-old girl 20 times a night, 365 days a year.”

To read Lara Traces’s blog post and learn what you can do please click HERE

july two thousand sixteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

there is triviality in everything

somewhere in michigan the tap water
is very hard to drink
and somewhere in minnesota
somebody is cracking jokes

the old couple down the street
did themselves in
like in a bukowski poem
but this time the neighbors
didn’t have a clue
because the old man nuked
the TV dinners

these politics in these
united states
need somehow to reinvent
their labels clearly out of date
unable to stop the wave
that is about to take them over

some of us work on mainstreet
some of us forty stories high
some of us strive
to be alive
in the wires or better yet
on wifi
sometimes barely seen
except when needing to strike

in the meantime economic
inequalities stretch elastically
chartlines hitting new lows
and testing resistance points
while more and more children
act as runners in the alleys
just another piece of the puzzle
royal princes might say
that keeps the status quo
from taking life too seriously

february two thousand sixteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved


she hadn’t seen the light
of day in a week and the
only voice she ever heard
made her physically ill

the man inside her head
said she had better live
so she obeyed
and prayed
for real-time changes

negotiated agreements
led to predetermined exchanges
between skin
and gold

december two thousand twelve
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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