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hello my name is superhuman

an aging population is part of the problem
eating wheaties & living past one hundred

an angry convention fuels uncertainty
airing grievances via intimidation & violence

younger generations delay procreation
eventually giving birth to superhuman babies

though the past has become irreconcilable
the future points to a near impossible

speed bumps along the way are but asterisks
on the maps of galactic superhighways

december two thousand twenty-one
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

retrofitting on the fly

I wasn’t sure what I saw
other than the planet earth
for you see I’m circling it
over land & sea
unsure which one of us
is actually moving

observations are obvious
the hurting apparent & real
even from a greater distance

there is this gradual descent
as inevitable as it may be
circling in a much different way
this time hawklike eyes
testing theories of survival

june two thousand twenty
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

like cats with endless lives

human history isn’t about to change
course anytime soon

the underground is rising again
and the unrest is unstoppable

at least into the foreseeable

everywhere hearts are breaking
shred to pieces from so many angles
mother nature
bad politics
random and not so random acts of violence
organized crime
and disorganized war

vendettas never die
they just get tossed to the next
generation like a hot potato
and while sometimes they get buried deep
they can’t stay underground forever

all the while the sun keeps rising from the east
giving us second chances

july two thousand sixteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

If I die before I wake

never mind the world ends today
and you left so many
things undone

never mind the starving children
throughout the world
who could easily be fed
with a little capital
and alien ingenuity

never mind the excessive waste
you selfishly accumulated
and contributed
toward urban ski slopes
and 18 hole golf courses

as the world ends today
never mind racial bias
gender bias
religious bias
nationality bias
and any kind of intriguing international bias

never mind discrimination
and mistrust
especially of crooked governments
and wars unjust

never mind outspokenly peaceful men
becoming silenced as we speak
by programs perpetuated
by deceit and hatred
by programs advocating
five o’clock killings
for everyone to see

never mind all the work undone
before the world ends today
never mind how it must bother you
knowing the story
never changes

september two thousand thirteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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