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hunger strike number two

she asked me to inspire her
but I was incapable
having become exhausted from a
fortnight of self-deprivation

you’re so boring she says
and I nod in agreement
anxious but not really
especially after agreeing
to give eating another try

I bought some grapes she said
but there are seeds in them
I hope you don’t mind

of course I mind I said to myself
for once beginning to understand
what it means not to be heard

july two thousand seventeen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

going hungry

I lay perfectly still on a fold-out cot
breathing shallowly
staring at a yellow light bulb
screwed into the ceiling

my hallucinations seem as real as flattened
homes in once peaceful neighborhoods
as sickening as makeshift hospitals
targeted and destroyed
as frightening as displaced little ones roaming
buckled streets inside urban war zones

exhausted and in a cold sweat
I’m visited by an attendant who takes my pulse
patting my forehead with a damp paper towel

she encourages me take a sip of water
my lips cracked and thin and stinging when
pressed against the thick glass

she rises to her feet and crosses her arms
looking at the black and white footage
streaming from the television screen

she picks up the tray of untouched food
and walks away
shaking her head like she always does

november two thousand sixteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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