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Karaoke in New Afghanistan

Halfway through ‘Californication’
I realized there wasn’t a designated
driver in the place

we were thirty miles away from home
and knee-deep in a melting pot
patrons calling out for shots
in at least a half-dozen languages

I nailed that song even though I stumbled
through the second verse
lost in my own thoughts
worried about how things might be
come tomorrow’s sunrise

but then
when the entire house came to their feet
and shouting
and clapping above their heads
I could only imagine how Lennon
would one day love it here

This poem prompted by Poetics: War for peace – or just hard work? via dVerse Pub

december two thousand fifteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved


these neighborhoods
reside in underworld riddles
subjected to laws
systematically enforced
by remote controls

stepping on stones
children experience daring truths
along boundary lines
carving their world from another
looking from afar

latest weapons
brutally scratch hard surfaces
buckling the pavement
like tectonic plates exploding
and consuming homes

lord have mercy
mothers lament repeatedly
sprawled on city streets
grown children riddled with bullets
limp in barren arms

lifeless bodies
encircle living among dead
pleading up on high
beating breasts and shouting for world
to imagine peace

july two thousand fourteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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