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understanding the seen and unseen

there exists a presence always felt
but never seen
like an invincible god showering
the northern sky with constant light

fallen stars awaken from beneath the earth
moving northward along the shoreline
garnering strength along the way
taking on new shapes and sizes
first crawling
then swimming
eventually flying beyond
the house of the clouds

multitudes from all corners gather round
marveling at the aural phenomenon
praying for the prophets
and the preachers
to return to the land
so that they may understand
exactly what is happening

april two thousand fifteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

the villain and the hero and the unsympathetic fool

accusations fly by like wayward missiles
shot out of silos a half world away
landing god knows where and
making new holes to crawl into

there is no villain to kill in this tale
not one tying down fair damsels to the tracks
nor cloaking a wide smile with black cape

the hero here is incapable of rescuing even himself
instead seeks answers from faraway stars
like a prince without an inheritance

while remote weaponry circles the earth
the unsympathetic fool carries on
in an unforgiving world
deflecting whatever arrows brand his name
with an invisible shield called mortality

april fool’s day two thousand fifteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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