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Whispers of Sorrow

We drove through the cemetery
in the dead of winter
until we found the blue canopy
flopping in the wind

Many inches of snow had fallen
the night before but the plow
had cleared the lanes

A bright sun and dress shoes
hit the asphalt with purpose

As many as a hundred faces
converged on the canopy
in steadfast silence

Gusts of wind arrived from the west
and tossed snow off the roof
and onto the gatherers

Familiar prayers were recited
between coughs and sniffles
and one woman’s weeping

When a bugler played
a familiar lullaby
the vacant faces drifted
in varying directions
whispers of sorrow filling the air

january two thousand twelve
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

Before the First Frost

Whispers could be heard
Beneath the leaves,
The ones fallen seasons ago
When there was no reason
To believe time would ever end.

Softly worded thoughts
Seemed to travel close to home,
Yet when trying to pinpoint
The source it became clear
It was something universal.

Out of disharmony beautiful
Music seemingly appeared,
Played by angels pretending
To be popular, nestled
Comfortably in the backyard
On a cool autumn evening.

march, two thousand eleven
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

In This Place

Diving deep inside your mind
I found the place
You speak about so often
Where laughter sounds like
Pretty cries and memories
Are but a movie seen
So many times

In this place I heard
Hummingbirds feeding
On red Bee Balms
And in the distance
Silhouettes walked
Into the falling sun
Along the coastal sands

In the background music
Could be heard
And after a while
I pretended the voice
Belonged to you

click here for youtube video

august, two thousand eleven
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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