poetry by j matthew waters

surfing station to station

I turn the dial to 107.9 fm
but all I hear is ozzie or zepplin
van halen or ac/dc

I tell myself if I want to hear classic rock
I’d dial in 100.3 or maybe 105.7

whatever happened to my once
favorite retreat called rock 108
where I could always hear
something beautifully brand new
no matter how good or bad

I mean seriously
is there really not enough new rock
to make the world go ‘round anymore

the population on this planet
continues to explode
but meanwhile
I’m stuck here half-dazed
(from all the static)
surfing station to station
hoping to find a brand new groove

january two thousand sixteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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6 thoughts on “surfing station to station

  1. Ha.. yes there is new things (sounding like old)… How about “the black keys”?

  2. tunisiajolyn84 on said:

    The music lover in me loves this one!

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