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black-eyed children

they show up unannounced
usually in pairs
one child taller than the other
both seemingly out of place in time
both in speech and in dress
beckoning you in such a way that will
make every hair on your body rise

they might ring your doorbell
approach you while walking alone
or simply parked in your car
asking for a ride or to use your phone
so that they may contact their parents

they appear to be in distress
their skin pale and eyes dark
and when you finally come close enough
to discover they have no pupils
no corneas
no white showing at all
you immediately become afflicted

do not acquiesce to their requests
instead keep your distance
run away
lock your doors
pray they simply move on
for nobody knows what consequences
may transpire should you choose
to open your heart to them

june two thousand eighteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

This poem is in response to a blog post I came across today by Paranormal Author, Artist & Empath Sheila Renee Parker entitled “Spooky Random Fact: #9”

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