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I listened for the past
but found only this noisy place
littered with half-drunken moments
and thunderstorms
so boisterous
we were forced to hide
under the bed with earbuds
and electronic coloring books

I listened for the past
turned knobs on an etch-a-sketch
producing a frequency
black light images
dissolving into channels
of jagged lines weaving baskets
and a cat’s cradle

I listened for the past
by focusing on a spirit
reassuredly haunting and
hiding behind the maple
waiting for the oxen to be called
to free her people

july two thousand thirteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved


He wakes up tired and alone and starts
the daily routine all over again,
asking himself what’s it all for,
this grind called life; doing the same thing
day in and day out and seemingly
not getting anywhere.

In the kitchen the cat tries to order
bacon and eggs as he pours himself
a cup of orange juice,
dispensing the daily supplements
onto the counter, convinced they’re necessary
to keep his vital organs functioning.

Once on the highway he interacts
with sports talk radio, arguing against
this Sunday’s predictions.
Nearing downtown he darts into the fast lane
and accelerates past the exit ramp,
a smile on his face and Vegas
only three hundred miles away.

october two thousand twelve
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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