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something’s missing

i searched everywhere
for the button
that fell off my favorite jacket
but i just couldn’t find
the damn thing

it was as if the world
was testing me
to see if i would dare go out
wearing such a beautiful jacket
with a button missing

i opened the refrigerator
and there stood
a dozen pale ales suggesting
i drop the needle and thread
and let the button go

january two thousand thirteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

history repeats itself

it’s another cold day
but it’s not like i don’t need an excuse
to stay below in the cave
like some recluse
who doesn’t have a clue
what’s going on
in the world

there’s nothing out there
for me
except gas stations
and the grocery store
where i go incognito
to buy cases of beer
and cat food

there’s no sense in buying
a newspaper
because i know
it just regurgitates
the horrors
of this world
repeating itself
day after bloody day

i write letters to old friends
hoping they are alive
to read them
and let them know
to hell
with the high school

december two thousand twelve
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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