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b-sides at play on vinyl and airwaves

how easily I fall in love with sad songs
memorizing them with little effort
replaying on the phonograph
until the grooves finally wear away

I would twist the lyrics around in my dreams
until they fit perfectly into a world
that could never be mine
the kind that circles an unforgiving sun
forcing me to awaken
each morning with tears in my eyes
and longing in my heart

how easily I fall in love with sad songs
especially the ones you sing to me
as I toss and turn trying to fall asleep
when there is nobody around

I used to think they belonged only to me
but as time wore on I realized
I was never the common denominator
but merely a vehicle to accept
the heartaches of those before me
and all those bound to follow
searching for quiet acceptance

how easily I fall in love with sad songs
playing on old-fashioned airwaves
interloping into unknown territory
aiming to catch a glimmer of hope

november two thousand seventeen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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