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my schizophrenic youtube channel

they say it starts after adolescence but to hell
I say to such nonsense
especially since I should know
I am an expert in my field

I often confer with the likes of einstein and
picasso and hawking
and sometimes they answer back
and sometimes they don’t

when they don’t I pretend it doesn’t bother me
I say they are practicing patience while
critiquing my every move
along with anyone with a television
or radio or internet connected device

I did this youtube video with an interviewer
who looked and acted and sounded
exactly like my alter ego
but I didn’t care for her questions
or the manner in which she asked them

at one point I am seen
shredding the audio material off my body
stomping off stage
and screaming bloody murder in spanish

I really wasn’t that upset
I just wanted to see the counter rise faster

may two thousand seventeen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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