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by Daniella Sciuto & J Matthew Waters

Are you jealous
Of the space between us
Filled with darkness
And twinkling stars

Bereft of passion
The green patina of sarcasm
Lobs my way

Have you forgotten
All those years
Reduced to a mere photograph
Safekept under glass

In an unmanned

Why did you build that bomb
The one that divided us
A mushroom cloud of discontent
Hovering overhead

As our atom split
Turning two into too many nights
Alone and cold in the dark
I tried to seek a sign up above
Past an endless sky without light

Finally I ask myself am I the one
Am I jealous of the space between us
Of the fragile photograph kept under glass

Was it me who built that bomb
Did I hover in discontent
Watching as we split
Lonely in this silo in the dark

july two thousand fifteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

locked inside pandora’s box

I hunker down in a hawkish grotto
where nobody can find my prize
where the light of day
seems a light year away
and hound dogs
are just a figment of my imagination

there is plenty of food for thought
and sweet nectar can be tapped
from these ancient walls
measuring ten stories tall
adorned with objects
painted on throughout the centuries

exiled into this self-imposed solitude
I am at peace with my new mission
guarding the evils
locked inside this silo
hoping and praying
the world lives beyond its darkest days

april two thousand thirteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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