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it’s a long way to where I’m going

there is nothing ever new
it has always been there before
whether it be spaceships or dinosaurs

to be or not to be
give me liberty or give me death
what are they but bold proclamations
made by multitudes (of men)
long before recorded history

there is this cumulation of sorts
that continually runs on autopilot
where storms and wars become
even more powerful
nature against man
man against nature (and man)
relentlessly pounding
worldwide peace movements
that somehow flourish surrealistically
century after century

it’s a long way to where I’m going
but chances are once I get there
nobody will ever know

october two thousand sixteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

Nights Like These

It starts with a clap
a flash
a distant sound of despair

one mississippi
two mississippi
three mississippi

Fireflies marvel
at the electricity
searching for shelter
in the open air

one mississippi
two mississippi

A child scrambles
in three directions at once
finds protection
in her mother’s arms

one mississippi

This fiery night
is wickedly bright
but through my eyes
is beauty in disguise


nineteen ninety-two
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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