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[not to mention]

I don’t remember being born
though I’m certain
I was destined to run away
on more than one occasion

I try to look back and decipher
if the next event
is coded in the past

I’ve been to california [but
not to oklahoma]
first time by way of greyhound
second time via jet airliner
next time will be
either by rail or automobile
depending upon my health

it’s become such a mess
I wonder if there’s a way
to salvage future travel plans
add in iceland and ireland
egypt and arabia
tokyo and singapore and perth
[not to mention] york and jersey
both new and old

there’s a good chance
I’ve already completed the entire
globe trotting experience
and it’s simply a matter
of repurposing old photographs

july two thousand nineteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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