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I’m rediscovering sugars and spices
and some things not so nice
I ask myself how many combinations
can I put on a simple slice of toast
how many times can I count down from ten
before saying WAIT
let’s try starting all over again
and see if we come up with a different answer

for decades we’ve been chasing moons
and wishing upon stars
just look where it’s gotten us
another year older and none too wiser
eventually discounting every fairy tale
we once believed in
until finally we say WAIT
it’s high time we make up our own

doctor says I’ve got to change my ways
I tell her I most certainly will
another lie in the grand scheme of things
I rush home and sit in an empty room
light up the pipe and WAIT
for you to return into my life
curious how actions once considered sinful
have now become legal

march two thousand twenty
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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