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into the great wide open

a box on the side of the road
not a box really but a folder
a small folder at that
the kind with a rubber strap
wrapped around to keep the flap shut
ensuring that whatever would be inside
could not easily be outside

it was just sitting there on the
graveled shoulder of highway 13
and somehow I had spotted it
driving some sixty miles per hour
its image now just a snapshot
first and foremost in my mind

traffic was light but each time
someone drove by I imagined
the lunchbox-sized folder
fluttered from each sixty mile per hour draft
the rubber strap gradually shifting
loosening and eventually opening
exposing what was once concealed
launching the contents up and out
into the great wide open

august two thousand fifteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

Sunday Driver

It was a Sunday and the air conditioner
decided to stop working in my
1999 Aurora

I had been traveling from small town
to small town along
highway 13
convinced I would know exactly where
I was going once I got there

the price of gasoline was much cheaper
today but I already had a full tank

there was a rattle coming from the trunk
and I kept thinking I should stop to find out why

the cubs/cards game was mostly
static on the am radio
and I had no idea who was losing

there was a sign on mile marker 66
warning against picking up hitchhikers
and it was then I realized
I would soon find purpose to my day

june two thousand fifteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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