poetry by j matthew waters

December Sun

Bottle the warmth
of late August
stow it where
no one
will guess.

When the sub-zero
midwestern storm
uncap the sample–
stay warm
until the thaw.

December Sun
click here for youtube video

poem and image by j matthew waters
copyright nineteen ninety-three
all rights reserved

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5 thoughts on “December Sun

  1. brudberg on said:

    Love it John. The thought of a piece of summer bottled away is great. Need that when autumn started, Thank you

  2. Thanks Björn. December Sun was orignally published in a small press anthology back in 1993. Was waiting to post it here when the time was right.

  3. ooow so lovely this treasure of warmth wonderful visual warmth in words beeutiful poetry beez :))

  4. The poem shows how we are at the mercy of weather. great little piece. I have some drawings somewhere still which complement this in a small way.

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