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Digressing toward poetry

I’ve learned that August
has a mind of its own
a pretender with multiple
like a common mynah

I’ve learned it’s easiest
to pull weeds after the rains
their roots becoming
relaxed & confused

I’ve learned it’s best
to write a poem
when there are things
still needing doing
—the importance
of the day
having lost all meaning

august two thousand twenty-two
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

one night in august

somehow I lost you on a hot august night
whisked away by a bevy of thirsty angels

we had just left the tic toc tavern
our wits still in tact after discussing
the absence of the sun

looking back I had seen them all along
sitting quietly at the round table
pretending to be roadies for the show

as it would seem their murmurings
had everything to do with you
and how you would guide them
to their next destination

august two thousand seventeen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

December Sun

Bottle the warmth
of late August
stow it where
no one
will guess.

When the sub-zero
midwestern storm
uncap the sample–
stay warm
until the thaw.

December Sun
click here for youtube video

poem and image by j matthew waters
copyright nineteen ninety-three
all rights reserved

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