poetry by j matthew waters

forgotten son

close your eyes and pretend
you are the forgotten son
pretend you have lived
a solitary life
and there is no place
you’ve never gone

I did as she said and found
myself on a deserted
divided highway
my overheated imagination
in my rearview
not an oasis in sight

after day turned into night
all living creatures
converged by land and air
giving guidance
and instilling wisdom
to the forgotten son

october two thousand thirteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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10 thoughts on “forgotten son

  1. Sometimes being far from the madding crowd brings much wisdom but it can be a lonely road.

  2. a lonely road to self discovery

  3. I Am Jasmine Kyle on said:

    Very sad….

    • Thanks for visiting my little poetry world again, Jasmine. Hope all is well my friend from Iowa.

      • I Am Jasmine Kyle on said:

        Your Iowa friend is well just keeping out of trouble, promoting my work as you know is frustrating. but have not had ONE person say they hate it. So that’s good were on week 3 of the release and people seem to really love it. I feel like I am finally doing what I am supposed to be. How are you doing?

      • That sounds great…the countdown was really nice work. All is well here thank you, lots of things going on.

      • I Am Jasmine Kyle on said:

        Good it’s important for artists to have many irons in the fire!

  4. thesewordsiwrite2012 on said:

    That last stanza was something. Fine piece.

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