poetry by j matthew waters

A bump in the road

She thought a thorn
had broken the skin of her ankle
while horseback riding near
old Route 66 in the
North Valley of Albuquerque

It looks like a snake bite
I said as I brought my eyes closer

You know she said
I thought maybe I heard a rattle
as we skirted past the brush
but I thought it was your iPhone
making one of its noises

We better go get yourself
fixed up now I said
we’re supposed to be at
Doc & Eddy’s at seven-thirty

october two thousand thirteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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13 thoughts on “A bump in the road

  1. YIKES! You have touched on one of my primal fears. *shivering uncontollably now*

    • ha ha – agreed! I am not a big snake fan! don’t see them much around my neighborhood but they are certainly around. In this case I had to go all the way to New Mexico to find one to write about ;`)

  2. Eek. What is more dangerous? A snake or an iphone?

  3. I Am Jasmine Kyle on said:

    I FRICKIN HATE HATE HATE snakes! This was CHILLING for me!

  4. I love the way the persona “I” is so matter-of-factly. “We better go get yourself fixed …” Such understated distance and adherence to order.

  5. I laughed at the end – is that inappropriate ?

  6. I love this one and not because I love snakes! It gave me the heebie geebies in that respect, but I love the casual conversation going on and also, the combination of snake and iPhone! 🙂

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