poetry by j matthew waters

new moon rising

we walked between the lake
and the rail yards
smoking cigarettes
and spitting on
century-old ties
wondering if the midnight train
will ever arrive on time

it was a year ago tonight marshall
died on these very tracks
attempting to escape
his own restlessness
his dream of starting a
new life
in st louis or kansas city or santa fe
seemingly interrupted

we made a fire
like we always do
and sat in a circle
our voices as quiet as
stones skipping on water
our karma just a little off kilter
one of us asking out loud
why there is no moonshine

november two thousand thirteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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6 thoughts on “new moon rising

  1. Great phrases in this one, J.

    I especially liked

    “stones skipping on water
    our karma just a little off kilter”

    It has a sad, happy feeling.

  2. A completely compelling story written beautifully-really fine, John, really – K

  3. Love the chronicles of the hobo culture–their journeys, life views. This is a wonderful poem, nostalgic of an era for me. All the images of the Depression and those B&W movies and their characters come flooding back.

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