poetry by j matthew waters

Untitled Document

They told me to sign here
but I refused

I refused to give them my blood
or my urine or my
social security number

Instead I stood in line
this imaginary line
drawn somewhere on the Internet
nobody could reach without possessing
proper credentials

When given a free pass
I knew there was no going back
and my virtual signature was certain
to never have existed

december two thousand thirteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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10 thoughts on “Untitled Document

  1. thesewordsiwrite2012 on said:

    Ooooh…. so much to reflect on in this piece. Nice.

  2. Oh this is scary in a way… the suspicious is very relevant.

  3. I Am Jasmine Kyle on said:

    It feels like everyone want’s more and more our information. It’s exhausting.

    • You got that right, Jasmine! Thanks for visiting and commenting, means so much to me. 😀

      • I Am Jasmine Kyle on said:

        Well your poetry is wonderful and I have not been the best reader. I have been pulled in a million directions and have neglected my WP family. Playing catchup and sending sincere apologies for my absence.

  4. WordsFallFromMyEyes on said:

    I like this. Especially certain to have never existed. Well said.

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