poetry by j matthew waters

vanishing trick

I would understand the ending to
every single story inside you
if only you would open your skin

I would understand if you chopped
every branch and bough from the
apple tree and
carved into its core
your own sacred totem pole

if you chose to set sail off the rocky
shores of the atlantic
and never return to our native land
I would understand

if you were born in another place
and a different time
I would understand you as much
as I do today

should you vanish without a sound
nor provide a reason for
not wanting to see me again
I would only pretend to understand

april two thousand fourteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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8 thoughts on “vanishing trick

  1. Haunting poem, John. We fear the unknown more than we fear anything else.

  2. I agree with Millie, John, haunting indeed and it’s the many “unknowns” we’re dealing with now in our family that have us tossing and turning at night…good twist at the end, too!

  3. Kirsten on said:

    This was poignant. Do we ever truly know another person or understand them? I’m sometimes surprised when people I’ve known for years don’t really know me. Then I wonder, “Do I let them know me?” Very thought provoking.

  4. This really resonates… on both sides of the coin.

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