poetry by j matthew waters

all alleys lead to sand and saltwater

walking away from the sunset
shopping for the next place to sleep
eyes remain optimistic of a tomorrow
promising pay

all alleys in this pacific coast city
lead to sand and saltwater
along the way housing is made from
cardboard and wire and unfinished dreams

familiar hopeful faces
unite and welcome the wonders of the day
their hands busily preparing
to feed five thousand

august two thousand fourteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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8 thoughts on “all alleys lead to sand and saltwater

  1. Very touching, John, and your words remind me of the homeless our church feeds during the winter months and the homeless look just like you and I. It’s a humbling experience to serve them dinner and talk with them. What we take for granted they are grateful for, even if it’s a one time occurrence…thanks for sharing!

  2. “cardboard and wire and unfinished dreams”

    Gah! Words can’t describe how much I adore that phrase.

  3. Thank you for sharing this poem, it touched my heart 🙂
    Just like Millie, this line struck me “cardboard and wire and unfinished dreams”
    I live in the Philippines and this is a common scene.

  4. Indeed that phrase, especially combined with feeding 5000.. This has a lot of story

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