poetry by j matthew waters

keeping the peace

she was an unlucky kind of girl
and though she wasn’t sure
what that meant
she loved to say it nonetheless

born scorpio with pisces rising
she always wondered
why there wasn’t a thirteenth house
one in which she could run and
hide from a world spinning inwards

safely tucked inside her
mysteriously secretive mind
she only assumes a
peacekeeping role after
extinguishing all other options

august two thousand fourteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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10 thoughts on “keeping the peace

  1. Very nice portrait of a scorpio and girl on the verge of something indescribable, J. I totally relate!

  2. OMG – love this, John – that first line is a killer! K

  3. I’m an unlucky kind of girl extinguishing all other options…

    Love this poem! x

  4. The first stanza says so much.

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