poetry by j matthew waters

the seven year period

from the book of revelation

the world paused in shock and awe
before assessing the worldwide
infrastructural and
virtual damages from the initial
mind-blowing strikes

communication channels changed
word of mouth traveled at slower speeds
while new intermediaries
were reintroduced into the mad scene

one hundred forty-four thousand in total
the twelve tribes reconvened
ventured out twelve thousand strong each
sent to evangelize the
four corners of the world
using every language in every nation

while the living continued making reparations
the millions of non-believers
(those who had turned into believers but did
not survive the rapture)
stood before the throne
dressed in white and waving palms branches
worshipping and singing praises
ever thankful never to hunger or thirst again

back on earth millions upon millions
were welcomed into the fold
their totals exceeding the sum of
all previous human history
hopeful but uncertain and
unknowing the middle ground
would completely disappear
ushering in the next era
the most perilous times ever

october two thousand fourteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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2 thoughts on “the seven year period

  1. Really like the term ‘shock and awe’ used in the first verse, John. This series is getting stronger with each new poem. Very nice writing, my friend!

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